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Artobotics are vintage vending machines which have been upcycled to vend artwork!

Members of the public are invited to insert £10 into our machines (5 x £2 coins) and in return they receive a neat little box with an original artwork inside by one of our carefully selected artists.

It’s Random!

It’s completely random! You don’t know what you will receive until you open the box. It could be a work by one of our selected emerging artists or it could be a work by a Turner Prize Nominee or an internationally acclaimed artist like Ai WeiWei or Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Our Aim

The aim of Artobotic is to make art accessible to the public in a fun and engaging way. 

The Psychology 

People are not merely buying affordable art when they use Artobotic; They are participating in a community experience. Not only a game in which they could receive a work by a famous artist but a game in which people are compelled to investigate the artist that made the work in their box, initially to see whether their box needs to be insured but in doing so set themselves on a path of discovery and immersion into the world of art.

Artobotic is experiential, it is a memory of ‘buying art’ and is recalled as a positive experience. Neurologists agree that this type of positive experience opens up neural pathways that leave the recipient open to further engagement in the future- Our artists need to be supported, not only financially but also by changing the behaviour of its passive audience. People that would never usually feel compelled to enter a commercial gallery can now participate in the world of art and can feel accepted by that community by making a purchase.

You need art. We all need art.  We need it more than crisps. This marvellous vending machine will give you art. What more could you want?”

Muriel Gray- Chair of the board of governors Glasgow School Of Art

Artobotic also offers machines up for hire for events to pay for associated costs of the project. Please see our events page.

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